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FallenSouls Sapphire War is a fast paced mobile Action RPG brimming with varied gameplay, excellent graphics and an engrossing story of justice vs evil!SAPPHIRE WARS-Guilds of hundreds of people compete for sapphire wars!-Select your opponents, steal their resources and shield yourself from attacks. -Destroy the frozen heart of your soulless enemy.POWER IN YOUR HANDS! Create your own hero and make him unstoppable with legendary weapons and armour!Empower your mercenaries to slash any enemy down in a flash!Explore the campaign map - a world of wonders, dangers and unknown Monster adversaries awaits you!Fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard!
Experience a revolution in Action RPG! Download now and play for free! Play today & chat with millions of people around the world. Will you find your match?
For any inquiries regarding FallenSouls Sapphire War, please contact us via our cs mail